Our newest offering at Dolphin is the Stiltz Homelifts product range. Stiltz Home Lifts are one of he newest and most innovative lifting solutions company, leading the way with their uniquely designed products, making their Home Lifts a great alternative to a stairlift.

They are designed to be practical, comfortable, and safe whilst looking contemporary and sleek. Stiltz offer compact and attractive lifts, perfect for wheelchair and walking aid users, as well as those who are less mobile. The smallest of the Stiltz Home Lift range covers less than a square metre, giving it one of the smallest lift footprints in the UK. It also benefits from a system that makes it quieter than many stairlifts. They can fit almost anywhere and are powered by a standard plug socket, making it very economical.

We are lucky to have a Stiltz Home Lift in our Crediton showroom, enabling you to see the elegance and innovation for yourself.

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Stiltz Homelifts

Here are some of our recommended Stiltz homelifts, you can find more information on our product pages, click on the products below to find out more.

More about Stiltz

Their journey began with a vision to create Home Lifts that catered not only to the practical needs of users but also to their aesthetic preferences. Unlike traditional elevators, Stiltz Home Lifts are freestanding and do not require hydraulics or supporting walls. This breakthrough technology allows for easy installation without major construction, making it an ideal solution for both new and existing homes.

One of the standout features of Stiltz Home Lifts is their commitment to stylish design. These lifts are not just functional; they are an architectural statement. With customizable options that include finishes, lighting, and more, homeowners can integrate Stiltz Home Lifts seamlessly into their living spaces, creating either a statement or an inconspicuous tool.

Come for a demonstration of a Stiltz Home Lift in our Crediton showroom.

You can also read more about Stiltz on their website:

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