Platinum stairlifts specialise in the tailored design and manufacturing of domestic stairlifts, offering a superior product to their off-the-shelf competition.

Every platinum stairlift is custom built in the UK, before a platinum stairlift leaves its warehouse, it is rigorously tested and comes with its very own signed certificate of quality.

Forward-Facing Travel is the Platinum Ultimate’s unique selling point, ideal for those who experience vertigo or have difficulty bending their legs. Its unique First Step Start feature allows you to specify where your rail will start and end, which means you can keep doors and walkways free from obstructions, and replaces the need for a hinge at the foot of the stairs.

Of the offerings that platinum provide, Dolphin supply the Platinum Ultimate which is showcased in our showroom, enabling you to test the ride before you make your final choice.


Platinum Stairlifts

Here are some of our recommended Platinum stairlifts, you can find more information on our product pages, click on the products below to find out more.

More about Platinum

Platinum Stairlifts are based in the UK and manufactures all their stairlifts at its state-of-the-art facility in Yorkshire. Platinum Stairlifts have been supplying high quality stairlifts since 1996, with every stairlift custom built to suit the needs of the user and their home.

One of the standout features of Platinum Stairlifts is their focus on user comfort. Their lifts provide a smooth and quiet ride, ensuring the utmost comfort during every journey. It's not just about getting from one floor to another; it's about doing so with ease and relaxation.

Come to our Devon Showroom for a demonstration of the Planinum Ultimate stairlift.

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