Step Lifts

When wheelchair access is obstructed by steps, a ramp is not always a feasible solution. If you are looking for a practical and cost efficient option, a wheelchair step lift can provide you with exactly what you need. Safe, reliable and easy to use, step lifts travel up to 500 mm and 1 metre. They can be supplied with bridging steps to ensure easy access for both disabled and pedestrian users. An upper level gate protects the landing when bridging steps are not provided.

What is a Step Lift?

Step Lifts are designed for short-travel and are therefore quite compact lifts used to provide wheelchair access over a few steps to a front entrance. A step lift, complete with moving steps if required, provides a secure gangway between the lift and your door.

Step Lifts we recommend

Wessex LR (Low Rise) Steplift

The Wessex LR Series is the ultimate in low rise lifting solutions. Building on an impressive pedigree spanning three decades of design innovation the LR Series encapsulates the qualities embedded in every Wessex Lift.

Under the surface

  • The Wessex LR range embodies over three decades of design innovation.
  • A twin hydraulic cylinder configuration together with a full width scissor arrangement and a 5mm aluminium platform all combine to give strength and stability.

Design Features

  • On the outside, a Bleu Sable architectural powder coat finish provides excellent exterior durability and colour retention.
  • Good design is not all about appearance; it is also about function, and with the Wessex LR functionality has never looked so good.
Wessex LR Brochure

Wessex SP Lift – the small Step/Porch Lift

A giant benefit of this small lift is how simple it is. With a design inspired by scissor lifts, it only travels a short distance, but does so reliably and effectively.

Far easier to use than a ramp, and a better option when space is limited, the SP can be installed indoors or outdoors, making it perfectly suited to front door steps.

The Wessex SP500 Steplift has been developed as a compact option for those applications where space is at a premium. It provides wheelchair users easy access where difficulties exist due to a change in level or the presence of one or two steps. The lift is compact whilst offering a large platform area and shallow ramp for easy access.


Terrys TSL 500 Domestic Steplift

Designed to solve low rise access problems for wheelchair users, the TSL 500 steplift can travel up to 500mm and can be installed indoors or outdoors and provides both wheelchair and pedestrian access (when bridging steps are supplied only) at the same doorway. Safe, reliable and easy to use, the TSL 500 Step Lift is the ideal solution for wheelchair users who need to negotiate a few steps.  It can be installed outdoors or indoors, providing independent wheelchair access to a domestic property.

Benefits at a glance

  • Safe and reliable – built in the UK to BS 6440 standard
  • Easy to use – convenient controls and shallow approach ramp
  • Versatile – supplied either with bridging steps or upper level gate protection
  • Quick installation – can easily be installed by our experienced engineers in a day
  • Cost-effective – often a cheaper option than a wheelchair ramp and can be easily re-sited

Watch a video of the TSL 500 here:

TSL 1000 Domestic Steplift

Suitable for a vertical rise of up to 1 metre, the TSL 1000 simple to use and usually installed outside the home to allow easy access in and out for wheelchair users. This self contained unit is suitable for mounting on a 100mm concrete base and can easily be installed in less than a day.

what is a step-lift

Cost effective: often cheaper than a ramp and can be easily re-sited

Versatile: the lift will travel up to 1000mm with upper gate protection or 960mm with a triple bridge unit

Low maintenance: annual servicing recommended. Maintenance contract available.

Safe: built in the UK to BS 6440 by Terry Lifts with over 30 years’ experience in mobility and access products.


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