Bruno the US market leader in high-quality stairlifts. Their stairlifts are made in America and tested to American, Canadian and European standards to ensure customers travel safely and securely on their staircases.

If you are looking for a Heavy Duty model that doesn't compromise on quality, Dolphin South West recommend Bruno's award-winning Elite indoor and outdoor stairlifts.


Bruno Stairlifts

Here are some of our recommended Bruno stairlifts. You can find more information on our product pages, click on the products below to find out more.

Bruno stairlifts are not permanent and do not require modification to your home to be installed. The lifts install directly onto the top of your stair treads and can be removed with few signs a unit was ever installed.

Bruno is a premier manufacturer of straight and curved stairlifts. Their award-winning indoor and outdoor stair lifts enable people to access all levels of their home in comfort.

As an ISO 9001 Certified designer and manufacturer, Bruno is committed to the standards of workmanship that are documented and repeatable throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the finest quality every time.

All Bruno stairlifts are both AC- and battery-powered. While they draw from AC-power in standard operation, Bruno's "continuous charging" system for indoor straight stairlifts keeps the battery at full power along the entire rail. This provides peace of mind that the batteries will be fully charged and ready to go even in the event of a power outage.

The stairlifts are Made in USA at Bruno’s Oconomowoc, Wisconsin manufacturing facility and available across the U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, Canada, U.S. and internationally and they are tested to American, Canadian and European standards to ensure customers travel safely and securely on their stairways.

More information available here: Bruno Stairlifts UK.

For my family, helping people with limited mobility keep their independence isn’t just a business -- it’s personal.

In addition to our name on the Bruno manufacturing facility, our company’s products are found throughout my home to assist my daughter who has mobility challenges.

Having a family member with mobility challenges has given me personal insight into how people experience limited mobility and use products to help them.  We’re connected to the community of people with mobility challenges -- both as a family and a business.

My father, who was a Veteran, had worked at a stairlift manufacturer and a company that built lowered floor vans for people in wheelchairs. He was always looking for ways to give people with mobility challenges more independence.

Mike Bruno, CEO and President

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