Buying a Stairlift or Lift

As independent suppliers and fitters of stairlifts and lifting solutions, here at Dolphin South West, we offer a selection of the best lifts from a variety of manufacturers.

Which type of stairlift or lift do you need?

For a straight flight of stairs a straight stairlift is ideal. Where there are turns or complex bends, you’ll require a curved stairlift to follow the shape of your stairs. Or you may need an outdoor stairlift – we recommend models designed to withstand the variety of Devon weather!

Designed to blend with your home

Our team can help you find the perfect stairlift or lifting solutions to suit your circumstances and provide options that will help your new lift to blend with your home.

Qualified advice

We offer practical advice based on many years’ of experience – supplying affordable and quality stairlifts to all the Local Authorities and private clients throughout Devon. A guided viewing in our showroom is a valuable way to help choose your stairlift. Simply get in touch to discuss what you need and we can provide you with a free no-obligation quote or book you an appointment to visit our showroom.
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Stairlift Step-by-step Guide

Stairlifts are simple-to-use and have been designed to make your life easier, helping you rediscover your independence. This step-by-step guide demonstrates some of the key features of a stairlift.
Stairlift guide Stannah-Starla-Stair-Lifts-Straight-Staircases
1. The wall-mounted controls at the top and bottom of the stairs make it easy to call the stairlift wherever you are.
Stairlift guide Stannah-Starla-Stair-Lifts-Straight-Staircases-2
2. Simply unfold both armrests, followed by the seat. The seat-to-footrest link will automatically lower the footrest down too.
Stairlift guide Stannah-Starla-Stair-Lifts-Straight-Staircases-3
3. The seat load sensor will allow you to take your time to get comfortable before the chair moves. Fasten your seatbelt for extra security.
Stairlift guide Stannah-Starla-Stair-Lifts-Straight-Staircases-4
4. When at the top of the stairs, the footrest will stop level with your landing. You can then swivel the chair to face the landing to alight safely.
Stairlift guide Stannah-Starla-Stair-Lifts-Straight-Staircases-6
5. For added safety, the stairlift can remain in the swivelled position to form a barrier at the top of the stairs.
Stiarlift guide Stannah-Starla-Stair-Lifts-Straight-Staircases-1
6. When not in use, your stairlift folds neatly against the wall, giving you and others plenty of space.

Straight Stairlifts

Where there are no turns or complex bends in your staircase it is usually sufficient to run a straight stairlift track up the length of the stairs.
Learn more about Straight Stairlifts

Curved Stairlifts

Where there are bends in your staircase you will require a curved stairlift. We will measure your stairs and take a camera survey, before details are sent to the manufacturer to fabricate the bespoke rail.
Learn more about Curved Stairlifts

Outdoor Stairlifts

Choose an outdoor stairlift you can rely on, that is design and built for the outdoors from the ground up.

Learn more about Outdoor Stairlifts

Stairlift Servicing & Aftercare

We offer a complete care package from purchasing advice and installation to servicing and repairs. Visit the Servicing & Aftercare page to find out more or call to ask a member of our team.
Stairlift Servicing & Aftercare

Grants & VAT Options

You might be able to apply for a grant (Disabled Facilities Grant) from your local authority for a stairlift.
Grants & VAT Options

Reconditioned lifts

We offer a choice of reconditioned stairlifts, find out more:

Reconditioned Stairlifts

Stairlift Rentals

We also have stairlifts available for rent, find out more on our Rent a Stairlift page:

Rent a Stairlift

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