Wessex Through Floor Lift

Designed to accommodate wheelchair users and seated passengers, the Wessex VM30 is a compact through floor lift perfectly suited to installation in domestic dwellings.

In this example it has been cleverly designed to incorporate a spiral staircase. The expert fitting into an existing lower floor cupboard enables it to be neatly tucked away. Upstairs it sits comfortably beside the staircase, creating a unique way to travel up or down the stairs.

There really is no end to our experienced surveyors and fitters’ ability to create a way to allow you to remain in the home you love and navigate any staircase!

Wessex VM30 Through Floor Lift – further information

For further information about Wessex Lifts and about Through Floor Lifts please follow the links below:

There is also information about the Wessex VM30 and other Wessex products on the Wessex website here.

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