Curved Stairlifts

Where there are turns or complex bends on your staircase, you’ll require a curved rail to follow the shape of your stairs.

Here at Dolphin South West we can help you choose the right curved stairlift for your home and individual needs. As independent suppliers we can offer you a choice from the best options on the market along with advise based on our extensive experience.

How is a curved stairlift made?

We’ll take precise measurements of your staircase using a camera and computer software, and send that information to the manufacture to make a bespoke rail for your staircase. The rail is constructed in their factory using the latest fabrication techniques to ensure a smooth ride the entire length of the stairs. It is then fixed neatly and quickly to the stairs, making fitting and removal straightforward with minimal disturbance.

Curved Stairlifts we recommend

Stannah 260 Siena

The Stannah 260 Siena is a slimline stairlift for curved stairs. The Siena stairlift combines fresh, contemporary styling with the best in stairlift engineering.

We know that not all homes are the same and that curved staircases can come in different shapes and sizes. The twin tube rail is the ideal choice when you need a stairlift that will follow your staircase perfectly. Find out more about the options in the brochure linked below or simply get in touch so we can advise you on which of these options will best suit your home.

Safety and ease-of-use are built into the Siena. The standard seatbelt gives added security along with sensors that bring the stairlift to a gentle stop if the stairlift is obstructed and removable keys to immobilise the stairlift if required.


Twin rail, inside fitting


Twin rail, outside fitting

Key Features

  • Our stairlifts can accommodate curved staircases of different sizes and layouts.
  • We can install our rails on either side of the staircase.
  • Our slimline rails and fold-away chairs make the best use of available space, leaving enough room for others to use the staircase.
  • All our rails are tailor-made, so they fit your staircase perfectly.
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • Our stairlifts can navigate all kinds of corners and landings with a range of rail solutions.

Stannah 260 Sadler

Designed specifically for people with limited flexibility, the Stannah Sadler stairlift is a totally different concept in stairlift design.

The Sadler stairlift offers an alternative to traditional and perch-style stairlifts, helping users maintain a more upright posture at the same time taking as much of the weight through the seat, minimising the weight supported by the legs.

Stannah Sadler Stairlift Dolphin Devon

Key Features

  • Perfect for those with limited movement in knees and hips
  • Slim stairlift profile makes it ideal for narrower staircases
  • Tilted seat for easier entry and exit
  • Immobiliser seatbelt prevents use until you are safely seated
  • Available in different heights to suit both taller and shorter people
  • Ergonomically designed seatbelt with immobiliser
  • Light touch controls


Sadler Brochure
For specifications and options including upholstery and colour choices browse the Stannah Sadler brochure.

Stannah 260 Starla

The Starla stairlift is Stannah's most elegant design and has helped thousands of people regain freedom of movement around their homes.

As the most customisable stairlift in the Stannah range, it has a host of features that ensure it is not only right for your stairs, but also your home and your life.

The widest selection of upholstery material is available in either modern leather or soft woven fabrics. Choose from a wide range of contemporary colours, so you can match the chair to your home’s décor.


Twin rail, inside fitting

Twin rail, outside fitting
The Starla chair can run along slim, twin rails that are tailor-made to fit your stairs and ensure the tightest fit possible. We know that not all homes are the same and that curved staircases can come in different shapes and sizes. The rails can be fitted to the inside or outside of your stairs to suit your home and needs. Find out more about the options in the brochure linked below or simply get in touch so we can advise you on which of these options will best suit your home.

Key Features

  • Stannah's most elegant and customisable stairlift
  • Slimline straight rail with foldway chair for minimum footprint
  • A range of stylish vinyl and fabric upholsteries available with or without wood trim
  • No bending down with optional automatic footrest fold button
  • Ergonomic seatbelt, easy to use with just one hand
  • Manual and powered swivel seat options
  • Ergonomically designed seatbelt
  • Light touch controls
  • Manual and powered folding options


Access Flow X

Designed to fit on very narrow staircases. Flow X Stairlifts provide outstanding levels of comfort and craftsmanship.

High-quality fabrics and finishes help the Flow to blend into your home seamlessly. Choose between vinyl, fabric and leather.

Ergonomically designed, the chair has a large backrest and seat area. A five-degree seat recline, promotes a natural and healthy posture. This also reduces the feeling of tipping forward that some people experience when sat in a stairlift seat.

Key Features

  • Ergonomically designed chair with large backrest and seat for outstanding comfort.
  • Unique automatic folding seat and footrest (optional).
  • Pre-adjustable seat height (4 different positions).
  • Upper surface of arms in anti-slip, soft-touch nylon.
  • Patented swivel during travel (ASL technology).
  • Footrest independent of drive (less knee flexion).
  • Flame retardant PC-ABS material. Metal parts in durable epoxy powder coating.
  • Easy-to-operate, foldable joystick.

Options & Specifications

Flow X Brochure
For specifications and options browse the Flow X Brochure.

Access Flow 2A

The award-winning Flow2 stairlift can be truly considered one of the world’s leading stairlifts. Manufactured using the very latest technology, the Flow2 can be installed on nearly any type of staircase. The automatic swivel and levelling technology (ASL) allows the Flow2 to be fitted on staircases as narrow as 610 mm. This feature, unique to the Flow2, enables it to turn while in motion, making it one of the most adaptable stairlifts in the world.
Constantly working to save time and provide safety and comfort – ASL technology operates while the lift is moving. Therefore you avoid additional stops and swivel movements at the beginning, during and at the end of the ride. This saves time and provides additional safety and comfort. The lift really moves in one “Flow”.
Flow 2 stairlift dolphin devon front view

Key Features

  • Ergonomically-shaped seat which provides you with an enjoyable and comfortable ride.
  • Folds away to only 340mm on any landing, out of the way of other staircase users.
  • The seat is always in the correct position to get on and off safely.
  • Patented swivel during travel (ASL technology).
  • Footrest independent of drive (less knee flexion).
  • Can be installed on staircases as narrow as 610mm and as steep as 70°.
  • certified to machine directive 2006/42/EG and BS EN 81-40.


Flow 2 Brochure
For specifications and options browse the Flow 2 Brochure.

Platinum Ultimate

Platinum Ultimate stairlifts utilise a unique first step start. This can take away the need for hinges making it a great option for end users and other people living in the house. Hinged stairlift rails are usually required if there is a door or open hallway at the bottom of the stairs.

Throughout the development of the Platinum Ultimate Stairlift, choice was a large aspect of the design criteria. Stairlift users come in all shapes and sizes. This is why the Platinum Ultimate’s seat has three sets of adjustments on both the arm and back rests. This can improve comfort for the user and also helps people with larger back to knee measurements.

Platinum curved stairlift

Key Features

  • Choice of Upholstery
  • Adjustable back and arm rests
  • Interchangable controls
  • Retractable seat belt
  • Choice of controls
  • Manual swivel
  • Digital display
  • Key switch
  • Linked footrest and seatpad


Platinum Ultimate Brochure
For specifications and options browse the Platinum Ultimate Stairlift brochure.

Bruno Elite

The Bruno Elite curved stairlift is a heavy duty, luxury stairlift with a 30 stone weight capacity. The Bruno Elite’s handmade rail ensures a precise rail fit that fits gracefully into every curve of your staircase. The handmade design results in a extremely smooth ride from start to finish as there are fewer joints for the stairlift to navigate.

It is possible to have unique optional configurations with the Bruno Elite curved stairlift that extend the rail farther away from the top or bottom landing, this allows a user to keeps the stairlift out of sight or exit farther away from the steps.

An extra-large seat and footrest are also available on this lift making it even more comfortable. For those who have trouble leaning over due to back problems or simply would like a more luxurious lift, a power folding footrest can also be added.

A mid park and charge option is also available for easy charging and entry or exit on landings in between floors.


Key Features

  • Luxury appearance and quality
  • Multiple options for individual needs and tastes.
  • Exceptionally smooth and quiet ride
  • Different charging unit options
  • Dependable service even in power outage
  • 30 stone capacity with options for larger seat and foot-rests
  • Handmade rail with fewer joins for a smooth ride



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